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Bhartiya Public School Student Exchange Program

Student Exchange Program @ BPS

We grow great by dreams. We dream in the soft haze of a spring day or in the red fire of a long winter evening some of us nourish and protect them until they bring them to the sunshine and make their dreams come true.******* In the link of such a dream of Mr. Rajendra Dhaka(MD) Bhartiya Public School, Sikar the second journey of the bestow between BPS, Sikar India and ……………….Germany starts from 29th October as they are coming India again in a group of 13 member headed by Mrs. Angelika Hoff.

Let me take you a back in the memory of 16 October 2013 when we first welcomed German students and the teacher led by Mr. Stefan and Mrs. Anjelika Hoff. That was the beginning which bloomed their hearted joy to be arrested with the Indian Historical places and with the feelings of Indian hospitality. As they departed from here on 28th October saying see you soon in Germany.

Where were we to stop. We followed the saying. Winners are ordinary people with extra ordinary heart. Mr. Rajendra Dhaka (MD) and a team of 12 members reached Germany and were welcomed joyously by Mr. Stefan & group.

They all stayed there learnt their ways of dealing with study and the pattern of their teaching, got the values they have for Indian and returned back with the saying “always keep a window open in your mind for new ideas”.

Now, everyone, the time arrives when they are coming BPS right from 29th October to 08th November. There will be 13 member with the praisal of Mrs. Angelika the leading delegates. They all will stay with we Bhartiyan and have the Jazz played up on the 4th November. Annual Evening in BPS and visiting Indian beautiful & cordial hospitality of ours depart with a lots of memories in their hearts on 8th November saying see you soon once again………….

Which will keep on till the BPS genius reaching there again on…………………………