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Bhartiya Public School Biology Lab

Biology Lab @ BPS

Inquiry in the classroom is a means of promoting and supporting student’s curiosity and questioning spirit. Inquiry is a critical component of science curriculum at all grade levels and in every domain of science. To meet this requirement in school we have Biology Lab.

What Purpose does it serve? It serves the following functions:- 1. To assist in the development of understanding of scientific concepts. 2. To develop an understanding of nature of scientific inquiry. 3. To develop the skills. 4. To serve as a model of how we know what we know in science. 5. To keep students engaged. 6. To develop critical thinking and thus deepens their understanding in biology. Keep features of Lab:- 1. Student benches. 2. Sinks 3. Lab equipment. 4. Audio-visual equipment. It has a large area which can be designed for discussion and practical includes movable furniture and chairs. Sinks: - To Provide water and for washing the hands or apparatus us.

Lab equipment:- Various types of glass wares, microscopes, specimens, slides and reagents almirahs and racks. Store Room:- For keeping of the charts and models prepared by students.Various charts showing the internal structure of human body help in developing good understanding of the subject matter.