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Bhartiya Public School Hostel

Hostel @ BPS

Situated among the vast green fields and sylvan surroundings, the concrete and mortar of the hostel of Bhartiya Public School speaks of innovation, novelty, activities and commitment. Every brick and every leaf encourages the students to become self dependent by learning to live, by being a leader and shaping his own destiny. There are separate blocks for accommodating boys and girls where they are nurtured and groomed as per their aptitude and talents. Each block is under the supervision of house parents with the main house master in-charge​.


Boarding House

“A HOME AWAY FROM HOME” The hostel of Bhartiya Public School was started in the year 2003-04 in the tranquil and serene lush green surroundings. It has been designed more like cosy home housing families than traditional boarding houses and is surely a home away from home for the boarders. This hostel comprises of three residential blocks for students .Each boarding house has an experienced House Master/Mistress with Hostel Attendants who provides personalised care and help students nurture and groom in the best possible way.

House Facilities

Bhartiya Public School Hostel provides one with numerous facilities ranging from academic help to fun filled activities, games and sports, library, audio visual aids, laundry services, gymnasium, tours and excursion etc. The common room of the hostel is the favourite place for students where they can have access to enriching movies, talent shows, and heart throbbing matches between different teams of the world. Students are provided warm water during winter season with the use of solar energy.

House Activities

Students are also imparted skills in Dance, Arts, Music, Dramatics, Debate and Quizzing to name a few. Cultural evenings are also organised each week to showcase the talents of the students in a healthy competitive environment. Following the motto that participating is more important than winning a game.At Bhartiya Public School we are taught that it is far better to lose scrupulously than win unfairly. These words echo in the ears of every Dipsite. Professional coaches play a great role in honing the players’ skill. The students are put through physical exercises and drills, besides long runs to enable them to become physically fit and mentally strong. Early in the morning, yoga is promoted in the campus with the aim of keeping the students fit, besides helping them focus clearly and concentrate well.

Hostel Menu

It is rightly said “A Healthy mind dwells in a healthy body.”Food and proper nutrition are a part of healthy life style and students need to have a balanced diet for work and play. The hostel menu is prepared under the strict guide lines of a dietician. It includes rice, chapattis, pulses, vegetables, salad and sweet dishes to provide all he necessary nutrients. To rule out the monotony of the food stuffs, the menus has varieties of food for each week. Students are the part of Mess Committee who monitor the quality and give suggestions during fortnight meet of the Mess Committee.