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Bhartiya Public School Social Science Lab

Social Science Lab @ BPS

A vast expanse of acres provides a perfect ambience for an aesthethetical;y chartered In LIS learning social science is made memorable with the help of charts, maps, globes, ppts, working models and many non-working models and films in the lab that actually enable the students to walk back in time and relive landmark events in history or explore the unresolved mysteries of the universe.

The social science lab of LIS enables the young learners to work on the interfaces of the various landforms and ocean currents as well as the different ages and their landmarks that this world has gone through.

Laboratory sessions were taken continuously to upgrade their knowledge regarding weather, climate, maps, vegetation, soils, landforms, solar system, eclipse, volcanoes, and ocean curents etc. For junior standards conservation of natural resources including soil, water, wildlife and forests as interrelated components are taken.