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PLANNER  2019 -2020

March -18th(Monday) New Session Begins
Special Assembly (Students’ Welcome)
March -20th & 21
(Wednesday & Thursday )
March -30th (Saturday) Holiday (Rajasthan Diwas)
April -6th (Saturday) Special Assembly (World Health Day)
Walk The Ramp (Nur. – II)
Talent Hunt Quarter Final Round – 2019 (III – XII)
April – 13th (Saturday) Special Assembly (Open Theatre)
Beach Party (Nursery – VIII)
April – 17th (Wednesday) Mahaveer Jayanti (Knowledge Widespread)
April – 20th (Saturday) Special Assembly (Earth Day)
Spell –Bee Competition (Nur. – II)
English Extempore (III – VIII)
April – 22nd (Monday) International Earth Day (Knowledge Widespread)
April – 23rd (Tuesday) World Book Day (Knowledge Widespread)
April – 27nd (Saturday) Special Assembly (Summer Safety)
Poem Recitation (Nur. – II) Topic : Summer Season
Spell –Bee Competition (III – VIII)
May – 04th (Saturday) Special Assembly (Mother’s Day)
Praise My Mom :
Colouring Activity (Nur. – K.G.)
Card Making Activity (I – II)
Poem Recitation (III – VIII) Topic: “Maa”
May – 7th to 11th Periodic Test (III – XII)
May – 12th to June 16th Summer Break (Nur. – VIII)
June – 17th (Monday) School Re-open